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"The music, no matter what genre, has been a source of joy for me. To me, all music is good music as someone, somewhere will be made happy by it.”
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Sweeney Todd - 2014 Lincoln Center

Featuring: Bryn Terfel, Emma Thompson, Philip Quast, Audra McDonald, Christian Borle, Kyle Brenn, and Erin Mackey

I was fully expecting another stiff concert version of an amazing Sondheim score. Watch to find yourself pleasantly surprised! It’s the perfect interpretation for this musical.

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Harry Potter dreamcast

She really can play any role



Is your life just one more lie?

Aw man, Enjolras’s face when Grantaire hugs him. He looks like he’s genuinely upset on R’s behalf and wants to comfort him but hesitates because this is Grantaire we’re talking about and for all he knows he could get stung with a biting remark if he makes himself vulnerable, but he throws caution to the wind and does what he wants to do; hug back with gusto as though this is something he’s wanted to do for a long time. He’s even stroking the back of his head; this isn’t a garden variety bro hug, this is a passionate and desperate thing between two people who probably didn’t even realise how much the other person cared. 

…And then it’s R that pulls away first. Enjolras looks like he was very willing to keep that little Hug of Mutual Understanding going because he and Grantaire are finally really communicating honestly, but Grantaire can’t seem to actually allow himself more than a fleeting moment of emotional nakedity, so he pushes Enjolras away. Enjolras, who keeps his hand behind R’s head and keeps his eyes trained on R as he falls because he cares. 

They both care so much and it hurts.

I know I’m reading too far into this but just allow me to have a moment, okay.

forgive me for hijacking the post, but i don’t think you’re over thinking it at all

because right after this magical gifset ends, enjolras tips their foreheads together and (iirc) gives this tiny little smile as grantaire passes him his jug.

this moment is all about them finally opening up to each other. this is when enjolras realizes why grantaire is still there and will still be there at the end, and he realizes, like in the brick, that there is something infinitely precious in that. so he tries to hold on to this last good thing at the end of their world, but he can’t stay forever, he has a revolution to run

and grantaire is absolutely stunned in the aftermath, too — and then enraged when marius starts pawing at him and singing about cosette, because he just had this watershed moment with enjolras, and they’ve established they’re both going to die. at least marius’s cosette who he loves so much will live on after him; grantaire has no such luck.

this blocking will be permanently etched into my brain until the end of time because it’s so understated and beautiful.

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Anna O’Byrne as Christine Daaé in Love Never Dies

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'Do as you please, but I shall be at Perros too, for I am wherever you are, Christine; and, if you are still worthy of me, if you have not lied to me, I will play you The Resurrection of Lazarus, on the stroke of midnight, on your father’s tomb and on your father’s violin.’

RJ, this is awesome!!!

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Indiana Jones. Professor of archeology, expert on the occult, and how does one say it? Obtainer of rare antiquities.

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Arbeiterstadt, 1920, Hans Baluschek

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